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From Michael Yoss

When my parents and I opened The Royal Bagel on October 4, 1974, there was no way that we could have predicted or imagined what it would become. Rose and Kenny left New York at 54 years old to start over and I left The Ohio State University to just start. It was a job. But when we closed, we realized that it was so, so much more. Men found wives and women found husbands while standing on line or sitting at the tables. Babies found surrogate grandparents and students found parental substitutes. Above all, due to my parents everyone found a warm, welcoming environment where they could unwind. There was never a person my father didn’t like (especially the little ones) and my mother would just as soon “tell you off” as hug you. They were a great pair for that business, but it wasn’t till we were closing that we realized just how much a “little bagel bakery” could impact a city. I miss The Royal Bagel, but it pales in how much I miss all the people with whom I came into contact. Thank you so very much for 23 great years!!


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